Thank you to Aunt Cathy, who taught me not only how to write well, but also that writing can be enjoyable. Thank you to Doug Gray for telling me time and again (when I was a child), “Just tell me the time, Stephanie. I don’t need to know how the watch was made.” I humbly offer a huge thanks to Donna Erickson for reminding me of that as an adult. Donna, your editing makes me so much more proud of this story, which I needed to share. Your wise guidance, through the editing and publishing process, has been invaluable. Thank you for taking a chance with me as a new author. I was so fortunate for the opportunity to be taken under the wing of A Flair For Writing – Publishing Services. Thank you to production manager/head illustrator, Charlie Davis, and designer, Sue Petersen. I very much appreciate your contributions to the design and production of this book. A heartfelt thank you also goes out to Nicholas Trahan for the creation of our beautiful cover, wonderful website, and fabulous Facebook page. Thank you to Jane Weber, Fay Houde, Abbie Richerzhagen, Rich Collins, and Ramina Dehkhoda-Steele for your encouragement and words of advice throughout the writing process. Finally, I’d like to thank every (renamed) character in this book--yes, every character. You all played a role in leading me to this wonderful life I now share with my beautiful family and dear friends. I would not want to change any part of it, due to the fear of altering the miraculous end product. Thank you all. ​